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Each of these options can be customized with any design of your choice. We have a large selection of headstone designs as well as offer custom design service.
Shape Carving
The outline of the design is sandblasted, and then shaped, to give a 3-Dimesional appearance. Shape carved designs usually include roses, flowers, praying hands and other religious motifs.
Sandblasting/Flat Carving
A sandblasted design generally starts with a rubberized template, outlining the design and then sandblasting exposes the surface of the granite to create differences in color and texture. Sandblasting designs are the most requested carvings, especially on flat markers and
smaller monuments.
Sculptures usually begin with thumbnails and full-scale drawings before the image is transferred to the granite by hand with pneumatic chisels and other granite carving tools.
Hand or Laser Etching
Hand etchings are created using diamond tipped engraving tools to draw or etch directly onto a polished monument. An etching looks best on polished black granite because this yields the greatest contrast. Etchings can also be done using laser machines. Either type of etching can also be hand colored after the initial design is completed.
Sandblast Font Options
Common Monument Symbols and Meanings
· Anchor - seafarer, also a Christian symbol for hope/salvation. When the anchor is wrapped in vines, it
represents strong Christian faith.
· Angel flying or with trumpet - resurrection
· Ankh - Egyptian symbol for life and immortality
· Baby’s face with wings - departure of the soul
· Bird - soul or spirit, resurrection
· Broken column - a person, especially one of great promise, who has died young.
· Butterfly - soul or spirit, resurrection
· Celtic Cross - union of heaven and earth
· Cherub - the soul
· Christian Cross - death and resurrection
· Dawn - rays of the sun, the triumph of day(life) over night (death)
· Door - passage from this world to the next
· Feather - ascension, prayer and faith
· Fleur-de-lys - three prongs, representing the Holy Trinity
· Garlands - victory in death
· Grapes/grapevines - sacrifice
· Handshake - farewell and friendship.
· Hourglass - a reminder of mortality
· Ivy - immortality
· Lamb - purity, innocence, sacrifice
· Lamb bearing flag/cross - Christ’s sacrifice
· Laurel wreath - earthly success, victory, immortality
· Laurel wreath, inverted - death and resurrection
· Palm branch - righteousness, resurrection, martyrdom
· Pelican - sacrifice of Christ on the Cross
· Pillar - tree of life, linking heaven and earth
· Scales - justice, balance
· Skulls - seat of the spirit, intellect and the part of the body most resistant to decay (not a sign of
pirates: the Jolly Rodger flag used in the skull and crossbones to put the fear of death into sailors)
· Snake biting its own tail, (orouboros) - rebirth, immortality.
· Snake wrapped around a staff (Cadaceus) - doctor or surgeon
· Square and Compass - Masonic symbol of judgment/geometry
· Star - light overcoming darkness, enlightenment, wisdom
· Torch inverted - if burning, resurrection, if extinguished, death
· Urn - mourning. If unwrapped, a young person, if draped an older person.
Etched Font Options